The Philharmonik - Which Side You're On

The Philharmonik – Which Side You’re On

Critical acclaim for The Philharmonik

His music is a breath of fresh air” – Submerge Mag

He’s earned a reputation for putting on electrifying live performances” CapRadio

Multi-Instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and artist, The Philharmonik has released his new single, the soulful power punch “Which Side You’re On.” As the historic year of 2020 rolls on, the song’s message of choosing what side you’re on is more important now than ever. Of the song, The Philharmonik says:

“My mother always told me you have to choose a side, I didn’t understand what she meant when she told me as a kid. But now that I’m a few years older, looking at the way the world is, it’s clearer now more than it’s ever been.”

The Philharmonik brings a revitalizing sense of urgency and musical depth to the shallows of the current mainstream music and political climate emerging as a transcendent light leading the way for a message that gives many people empowerment in tumultuous times. Whether it’s producing, rapping, singing, or engineering, The Philharmonik brings a refreshing style that leaves listeners with a sense of hope and confidence to continue on the path of Transcendentalism.

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