T.I. Reacts To Rapper Spitting Bars To Him

T.I. gave an up-and-coming rapper some advice after she approached him in the street trying to showcase her less-than-impressive rap skills.

In a video clip posted on the theneighborhoodtalk Instagram account, a young lady goes up to the Atlanta recording artist to try to impress him with her lyrical skills and he was not having it! As she is spitting her lyrics, he seemingly looks disinterested in what she has to say and when she finishes her bars, she immediately asks him, “How do you feel about this?” He responds quickly by saying, “I don’t” as she tells him she wants to be a part of his record label, Hustle Gang (formerly Grand Hustle Records).

He takes the tone of a concerned parent when he tells her, “Listen, man, let me tell you something. Stop running up to niggas thinking they gonna change your life, man. Ain’t nobody gonna change your life but you.” When she asks if he is gonna change her life, he emphatically states, “Hell naw! You are!”

He then says that she has all the power to change her situation as she tells him Hustle Gang has the power to. After she asks how he can help her, he tells her, “I’m helping you by telling you don’t look for a n**ga like me to change your life. You got everything you need already. It’s in you.”

He then advises her that if she does what she needs to do and improves herself and showcases the type of talent that he feels will win, he’ll be looking for her instead. He then advises her to reach out to her fans, that she needs to impress them, not him. After trying to spit again, she asks him to rate her lyrical skills. Instead of directly responding to her inquiry, he tells her that she “needs to do what” she needs to do, to get better.

She thanks him for the advice before moving away from the accomplished rapper.

T.I. Reacts To Rapper Spitting Bars To Him

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