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The Marilyn Bell Agency Presents ebe Magazine Seventh Edition of The Hot Digital Publication – A Fresh, Bold Read For Contemporary Women.

Introducing ebe Magazine – Stimulating both the artistic and intellectual palates of well-rounded women.


[New York, NY | June 28, 2016] —– ebe aims to be the premier lifestyle magazine. Introducing a high-end digital publication into the lives of the most visible, with a classy touch of edge – combined with sophistication. ebe is dedicated to providing their readers with the knowledge and resources, to help improve the quality of life – evolving into the well-rounded contemporary woman.

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ebe Magazine Cover is none other than the beautiful and multi talented, Tichina Arnold, she is unforgettably funny and will continue to grace us in her starring role as Cassie Calloway in STARZ Original critically acclaimed comedy series “Survivor’s Remorse”, debuting in its third season this summer. “I love to whistle while I work. It’s a lot of work we put in, all of us—the dedicated crew and cast but we have fun. And it shows.” Sworn to secrecy on the return of comedian Mike Epps’ character Julius, she offers this teaser for the upcoming season, “We will be pushing the envelope!”

In a society that, too often, doesn’t embrace change, both onscreen and off Tichina Arnold welcomes evolving. “A woman that can embrace change, a woman that can handle success and deal with failure is my definition of an evolving woman.”


ebe’s captain is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Marilyn Bell. Bell has been in the publishing, fashion, beauty, media and entertainment industries for more than 20 years. “I’m thrilled with our ebe brand. This is the magazine I’ve spent my career preparing for. I want to equip women with resources to evolve to become more confident, empowered, and motivated. Being sexy and stylish is important too!” Bell and her team of professionals are dedicated to providing ebe readers with the knowledge and tools to improve the quality of their lives and usher them to the next level.

“Our finger is on the pulse of our readers, and the ebe Woman is definitely a mover and shaker! She is more involved in the world than ever before.ebe will equip the women of today with the essentials to feel confident, sexy, empowered, and stylish! _ Bell goes on to say, _“Our readers are far more engaged with the forward bound movement than ever before and I am thrilled with our ebe brand. This publication is for them.”

ebe is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and encouraging women to live evolving, boundless, and extraordinary lives. For more information and exclusive updates, log on to www.ebemagazine.com. There has never been a better time for women to be EVOLVING, BOUNDLESS, and EXTRAORDINARY!




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About ebe Magazine

ebe is a high-end digital publication because our readers were weaned on digital technology. Our steadily growing audience is women of the Millennial Generation. “Millennials” or “Generation Y” as they’re also known, is the demographic that ebe understands and caters to. ebe did the work; we found ways to deliver our core message: Be the best you!

Drenched in gorgeous visuals that complement pertinent features, we get our reader inspired, thinking and moving to her own music. Love yourself, love your partner, embrace your family, be healthy, manage your money, live your dreams, and look head-to-heel fabulous doing it all! ebe presents paths that lead to personal evolution. That’s why our readers are called “evolvers,” every day is one step closer to personal definition. We call it the Evolution Revolution!

Published quarterly, each quality issue will captivate readers from cover-to-cover. ebe is an inclusive publication encompassed with an edgy, chic sophistication. Get ready and take a glance at the new issue of ebe!

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