Torii Wolf - Shadows Crawl ft. DJ Premier

Torii Wolf – Shadows Crawl ft. DJ Premier

DJ Premier’s New Artist Torii Wolf Delivers Second Single From Forthcoming Debut Album

Okayplayer Premiere

“Ya’ll Feel That”? Insomnia is a bit*h… While some suffer from it due to a persisting medical condition, creative types, those whose can’t keep their mind from racing due to the excessive thoughts and ideas that permeate (even in a dormant state) make it nearly impossible to unplug. At least for the creative types, outlets exist; consciously or unconsciously. In Torii Wolf & DJ Premier’s case that’s creating dope music….

While Premier has previously collaborated with iconic female artists, in none of the aforementioned examples has the iconic producer/DJ entirely produced one of their projects. With a resume like Premier’s, it takes a lot to get his attention—and perhaps more importantly his respect.

Enter Torii Wolf, a singer-songwriter and musician from Wantagh, New York who traded coasts–bouncing around West Coast cities and enhanced herself artistically; shunning categories, confinement, and convention. Torii also just happens to be the first female artist to have her entire project (the forthcoming album entitled Flow Riiot) produced by Preemo.   “Torii has such a weird, wicked style,” Premier offers. “It’s just very left field—reminiscent of a Bjork or something like that. She is so unique and versatile; she writes, sings and is an accomplished guitarist and drummer. But image-wise, there is no comparison. Subject-wise, Torii is in a whole different place.”

After just releasing the single a few days ago, Torii & Premier return to share the visual component for their new single; which was exclusively premiered by Okayplayer. “Shadows Crawl” is the only track DJ Premier did not produce specifically for Torii and the Flow Riiot project, as he explained to Okayplayer “I made it for Yuna’s new album, I sent her two tracks, but she went for the second demo (which would go on to become the projects lead-single “Places To Go”).

“Making the video for “Shadows Crawl” was cool, but it was a much different process then the video for “1st” Torii explained to Okayplayer. While we knew what we wanted conceptually and visually, we didn’t really know the full direction. We all wanted smoke and we wanted to project images on the layer of smoke engulfing my body on the upright mattress up against the wall. Visually, the video takes you into a dream state with a touch of darkness and sweat where we convey what the inner world of my spinning mind might look like. It’s such a vulnerable place, to be verbally expressive and not know what could creep out of your subconscious.”

A hip-hop king who has a habit of contributing and producing historic projects behind the boards, mixed with Torii Wolf’s full clip of moods, range, and vast musical talent. What’s not to like?   Torii and Premier’s collaborative union bum-rushes the walls of genre, age, and expectations to let the world know there’s a Flow Riiot going on.

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