My Friends Are Better Than Yours: Tracey Lee Is Still The Man With Many Facez

Many people transition from being an artist to going into another field or finding another vocation to take on in the same field. Recording artist, Tracey Lee, Esq., an entertainment attorney has successfully obtained his license to practice law and has been an entertainment attorney for many years. We were first introduced to him in 1997 when he released a single, “The Theme (It’s Party Time)” that became an instant hit after signing with Universal/Bystorm. Hailing from the prestigious HBCU, Howard University where he met the man who would sign him to his first major recording contract, Mark Pitts (Who I, coincidentally, went to high school with at LaGuardia High School of the Arts). After a successful first single, the highly anticipated album, “Many Facez” (The title track, “Many Facez” was produced by me!) didn’t pan out the way most had hoped.

Tracey decided to steer direction several years later by going back to school to obtain his law license and officially became a practicing attorney in 2007, specializing in contracts and entertainment law. After experiencing some of the trials and tribulations most artists deal with once they sign on the dotted line, Lee decided to become an advocate for the artists. He also wanted to provide them with the information and legal support that he lacked when he signed his deal as a recording artist.

Having known Lee for years since I had the pleasure to share space in a recording studio with him, we became friends and still speak to this day. I have to apologize to Mr. Lee as it took me some time to post this interview but, here it is! We talked about his experience in the music game and upcoming plans. As he is always on to the next thing, you can always count on him working on something despite what is going on.

Join me to hear the discussion I had with the man with “Many Facez.”

Tracey Lee Is Still The Man With Many Facez

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