Trae Tha Truth Releases Emoji Flame

Trae Tha Truth and Emoji Fame Celebrate Trae Day with New Pack of 150+ Houston-Themed Emojis

Critical Praise:
“Trae tha Truth is one of Houston’s most imposing musical forces, a bona fide legend in the harrowing streets of southwest Houston.” – Houston Press
The Emojis:
Houston rap legend Trae Tha Truth is a fifteen-year veteran in the Texas music scene, but he is quickly developing into a multimedia star with his animated Youtube series TRAE. Today, Trae aims to take over your smartphone with Screwed Up Texas, a new set of custom emojis celebrating the City of Syrup, developed in partnership with premier celebrity emoji app Emoji Fame. Featuring H-Town inspired iconography, including emojis for the region’s gang signs, the Lone Star flag, grills, characters from TRAE, and Cadillacs with swangers (Texas-sized wire rims), the new set contains over 150 new emojis exclusively available for purchase through the app. Recently featured in Complex, Billboard and Noisey, Emoji Fame has developed custom emoji sets for other artists such as Hopsin, Hieroglyphics, Dizzy Wright, and Zakk Wylde. “When Trae mentioned to us that he wanted to do an emoji set, we jumped at the chance” said Emoji Fame co-founder Gavin Rhodes. “Trae’s a legend in both Houston and Texas and his set speaks to the unique hip-hop and street culture that he’s helped define. Trae was deeply involved in the creative process and it shows.”

“I wanted to get into the emoji game” explains Trae to the Houston Chronicle, who debuted an exclusive first look at theScrewed Up Texas set earlier this week. “I have a creative side and I stay in tune with what’s current. I noticed what some other artists were doing, but Texas didn’t have any representation so I wanted to be the first to do it.”

With an influence that expands beyond music, Trae Tha Truth has never stopped putting on for his community–he was the first rapper in Texas to be given an official holiday by the city, and is the only to receive proclamations from two different mayors. Today’s release of the new custom emoji set marks the ninth annual Trae Day, a festival commemorating Trae for his role as a civic leader. Trae hopes to use the new emoji pack both to educate his fans about his Houston lifestyle and provide Texas natives with an unprecedented regional spin on emojis. Though this is Trae’s first set of customized emojis, he is no stranger to the emoji game: “I use the praying hands, 100 sign, big eyes emoji face and the angry face emojis a lot. With my set we have all of those, but stepped up a notch: we have a ‘keep it 1000’ emoji, and myself with the big eyes. Those are some stand out ones, but to be honest I’m excited about all of the ones in my set.”

Trae’s set is available in the Emoji Fame store on iTunes:

The Houston Chronicle article is out now:

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Emoji Fame Background:
Emoji Fame makes custom emojis from your favorite musicians, celebrities and brands. Emoji Fame been featured in Complex, Billboard, Noisey, Guitar Player, The Houston Chronicle, SF Weekly and Bill Simmons’ The Ringer. Unlike other apps, our emojis are officially licensed by the artists, which means your in-app purchases help them continue making the art that you love.

Emoji Fame is the ONLY officially licensed emoji app that allows fans to message friends with custom emojis, text, and iOS emojis in the same message. Their clever custom keyboard allows fans to communicate with custom emojis in the way that emojis were meant to be used- as part of their everyday texts and emails.

Trae Tha Truth Background:
There are three ways to write about Trae Tha Truth. One is to talk about his music, and that’s important because he is a rapper and making music is what he does. The other is to talk about him as a human, and that’s important, because he has done some truly monumental and impressive things. The third is to talk about the intersection of him as a rapper and him as a humanitarian, because that’s where Trae really belongs. His music is often inspired by the experiences of the disenfranchised, which is rooted in the broken roads of the ghetto. It’s driven by loss, by love, by loyalty, and by when one or two or all of those things are taken away or tested of those he cares about.

Trae Tha Truth is very modest, he never talks about his guest features he’d done or any of his new tapes (Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Nas, etc.) or how he’d landed another MTV JAM Video of the Week or how he’d signed to T.I.’s label or any of the things people were watching him accomplish from afar. What you need to about Trae is he is a rapper, who has only ever viewed rap as another way for him to help people. Trae Tha Truth’s mixtape, Another 48 Hours was released on June 22nd. The project is available for free on Live Mixtapes.

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