Signed Tupac Shakur Concert Ticket On Auction Block

It seems like the legend of Tupac Shakur grows every day as an auction house has placed a concert ticket that the controversial rapper signed on the block.

According to a posting by Nate D. Sanders Auctions, the memorabilia is a ticket from a Digital Underground (the group Tupac went out on the road with before launching his solo career) show that took place on Jan. 31, 1992. It states that the show took place two months after he released his debut album, ”2Pacalypse Now’.’ The show was at the Warfield in San Francisco and the ticket bears his writing that says, ”PEACE 2U 2PAC.” The item has been listed as “Light wear and buckling, overall very good.”

If you’re interested in the item, time is ticking as it ends on Friday, Jan.26, at midnight. There are several active bids, which started at the price of $1,250.

Last year an item belonging to the slain rapper set a record when it became the highest price paid for a piece of hip-hop memorabilia. The item was a ring that belonged to the “Juice” actor and it sold for over $1 million. After news broke of the record-breaking purchase, it was revealed that Drake now owns this precious jewelry.

CNN had reported that the gold, ruby, and diamond crown ring that was worn by Tupac, was seen on the late rapper’s finger during his last public appearance. The ring was anticipated to be auctioned for an estimated $200,000 to $300,000, according to Sotheby’s Auction House, but the OVO (October’s Very Own) label owner snatched it for a cool million.

The ring was inscribed with “Pac & Dada 1996.” Dada (Kidada Jones—Quincy Jones’ daughter) was the name of Tupac’s fiancé at the time. They had recently gotten engaged before the entertainer was shot and killed in Las Vegas in September 1996. The entertainer was shot several times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas after attending a Mike Tyson fight on Sept. 7, 1996. The beloved yet controversial rapper and actor died six days later on Sept. 13.

Signed Tupac Shakur Concert Ticket On Auction Block

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