Tupac’s Sister Calls Donald Trump’s Lawyer Tupac Comparison 'Blasphemous'

Tupac’s Sister Calls Donald Trump’s Lawyer Tupac Comparison ‘Blasphemous’

The audacity of an attorney for former president Donald Trump comparing the first president to be impeached twice to revered hip-hop recording artist Tupac Shakur. The comparison was so offensive that Tupac’s sister, Set came out to blast the attorney and referred to her statement as “blasphemous.”

One of Trump’s lawyers, Alina Habba, appeared on The Benny Johnson Show and made the glaring statement while defending the first president to be indicted of a crime. While speaking to Benny Johnson, Habba surprisingly dropped the comparison and stated that Donald Trump is not only Tupac but also stated he was The Notorious B.I.G. when speaking up for Trump.

“Donald Trump is Tupac. Donald Trump’s Biggie Smalls, he’s better than Tupac. I mean, I’m East Coast, so I love Biggie. But, no, Donald Trump is his own brand. He is everything,” Habba said. “This is just gonna boost him, we’ve seen it in the polls. I mean, it’s not a question, it’s a fact. We’ve seen his polls go up.”

Not only were people shocked and dismayed that she would even invoke Tupac’s and B.I.G.’s names, but Tupac’s sister had some choice words to say, according to TMZ.

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