Video: Bethune-Cookman Football Player Shown Sharing Helmet with Another Teammate During Game

Video: Bethune-Cookman Football Player Shown Sharing Helmet with Another Teammate During Game

More concerns about the conditions at Bethune-Cookman University that should question how administrators handle things at the school have surfaced in a video posted on social media this week.

The financial status of the school’s program has been questioned as student-athletes have stated that players have to share equipment. A video posted on Twitter by a Bethune-Cookman University football player, Austin Yankowy, reveals the proof needed that members of the team share helmets during games. The football player included a video clip of a nationally televised game showing one of the players handing off his helmet to someone else as he comes off the playing field.

“Since many of you want proof of sharing helmets I gotchu #bringcoachreedback

This video clip and the fact that a B-CU football player posted it gives more credibility to the students at the school wanting a change in the administration since they “fumbled” the head coaching hiring of NFL Hall of Famer, Ed Reed.

Another NFL Hall of Famer, Edgerrin James revealed in a recent Instagram post that there were billionaires willing to donate to Bethune-Cookman once Reed was leading the football team. Now, due to the administration “dropping the pass,” those donations may not take place.

The decision to not ratify the contract offered to Reed as the next football coach, the students at the school decided to protest and call for the board of trustees to be replaced.

Last week, the HBCU announced that the former Baltimore Ravens player would no longer be hired as the football team’s next coach and they will continue to search for someone to lead the team.

“Bethune-Cookman University has announced that it has decided not to proceed with contract negotiations with Ed Reed to become the next head football coach at B-CU [Bethune-Cookman].”

This action led the players on the football team to start a petition to advise the school to go back to the negotiating table with Ed Reed.

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