Vincent Bohanan to Release the 2021/2022 Vincent Bohanan Songbook

Vincent Bohanan to Release the 2021/2022 Vincent Bohanan Songbook

Vincent Bohanan’s mother, the late Marie Bohanan, introduced him to songbooks when he was only six years old. He still has and cherishes the first one that she gave him. Moved by the spiritual and musical magic held in the tome, Bohanan wrote his first song that same year.

Now, after more than 20 years of consistently writing and growing his craft, Bohanan is preparing to release a songbook of his own. Available later this year, the 2021/2022 Vincent Bohanan Songbook will feature “We Win,” “Any Day Now,” “He Reigns” and more Bohanan penned songs scored for everyone/anyone who knows how to read music.

“My mother would always say playing by ear is great, but reading music is better! I made learning to read music a priority because of her urging, and I want to be a part of the tradition that keeps this artform a part of the church,” Bohanan says.

Bohanan continues to make appearances around the country with his Sounds of Victory (SOV) choir. He recently hosted and performed at the Urban Soul Café Late Night Experience in Memphis, and will appear later this month at the 13th Annual WAAW Shoutfest in Aiken, South Carolina.

A favorite of millennials, Bohanan is pastor of The Winner’s Assembly, a thriving church in Brooklyn, New York that recently moved into a larger location and became part of the Pilgrim Assemblies International fellowship. With all of the church members being 30 years old and under, it is worth celebrating that this young pastor is impacting his generation in such a powerful way. Archbishop William Hudson, III, who presides over Pilgrim Assemblies, says: “Pioneers of the church are transitioning and one may wonder what the future of the church might look like. As I observe the emerging generation, I am encouraged to know that humble, dedicated, talented and anointed individuals like Pastor Vincent Bohanan have picked up the mantle and will move the church forward…I can truly say he is a future shifter!”

Bohanan is featured on Rich Tolbert, Jr’s single “Never Be Defeated,” which received a 2021 Dove Award nomination for Gospel Worship Song of the Year. Vincent Bohanan’s debut album on HezHouse Entertainment is expected for release next month and his current single, “Oh Give Thanks”, is quickly making impressions at radio.

Bohanan’s EP One Sound Live is available now from HezHouse Entertainment/RCA Inspiration.

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