“Chill Factor Music Review” by the illustrious Ms. Hana G. 

On the heels of his acclaimed 2022 “NA Meeting” Lu Chin Chen closes 2023 with undeniable banger, Weight.

The EP boasts a fusion of nostalgic beats and hooks belonging to the ’90s – mid 2000 era. The overall tone is a sharp contrast from the auto-tune, drill and lean-sippin brand of today’s Hip-Hop. Needless to say, the battle rap framework of the EP is without a dull moment.

The 27-minute compilation consists of features by FT (of Street Smartz), Ruste Juxx, Solomon Childs, Tone Chop, Awful P, Stryke & Tha Soloist. The project’s producers are Relentless the Tangible, Dilly Fingaz for NME/TRP Production, Tone Chop, Amen & Conflikt of Hellzwind, Sultan Mir, Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha & Fuzzy Ed. Collaboratively, they add a classic New York feel to the project, reminiscent of Boot Camp Clik, Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep and The Lox.

Think East NY, Bushwick, Ocean Hill, Crown Heights and Bedstuy areas of Brooklyn. Think Park Hill, Stapleton, Mariners Harbor and West Brighton neighborhoods of Staten Island. Throw Queensbridge and Jamaica, Queens communities into the mix.

Think Timberland boots, backwoods and late night studio sessions. Think smoke-filled cars on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Think waiting for the iron horse late-night at forty-deuce. Think Lyricist Lounge parties.

This EP is for the thinkers and the doers. The witty word play of the lyricists lend a voice to things you think, but may not say.

While some albums/EPs are overly experimental or careless, prompting the impulse to skip passed undesired songs, Weight is melodically consistent with tempo and subject matter. Instances of culturally diverse instrumental elements are drawn in to garnish the classic backdrops with unexpected twists. This encourages uninterrupted listening. Adult listeners can assuredly press play and walk away.

There are no surprises except the length of the project, which might leave you hanging in anticipation for more of that familiar vibe. But, this EP is an invocation of things to come in 2024 by Lu Chin Chen: His upcoming project, House Money 2, will be an album more geared toward mainstream listeners.

The overall EP has a chill factor of four because of one, standout track: “Its Our Turn” in its own right, has a chill factor of five out of five, for the chills it inspires from its conviction and victorious perseverance.

Weight is for listeners, who appreciate classic Hip-Hop and is an ideal listening experience for those who miss old New York.


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