What Prevented Chris Paul From Joining Miami Heat's Big Three?

What Prevented Chris Paul From Joining Miami Heat’s Big Three?

On a recent episode of Dwyane Wade’s podcast, “The Why” it was revealed that Miami Heat’s Big Three would have been a Big Four if a little thing like a uniform number didn’t get in the way.

The number three got in the way of Golden State Warriors point guard, Chris Paul joining the famed trio of Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh in Miami during that team’s era when they won two NBA championships. Paul and Wade discussed why Paul never got to wear a Miami Heat uniform when Heat president, Pat Riley was ready to trade for him.

Wade wore the number three throughout his time with the Heat and Paul has worn the number three since he stepped on an NBA court and still wears it today. When the Heat had the opportunity to get Wade, during conversations between the players, they talked about all the possibilities. They discussed who would handle the ball, how they could incorporate each other into plays, and things that took place on the court. But, it took a question from Paul’s brother, CJ to have all their plans crumble. Knowing that both players wore number three, he asked a simple question, “Who was going to wear number three?”

That never crossed the minds of the two guards. Since neither wanted to give up the number three, the trade never went through and Paul never got the chance to play with two of his “Banana Boat Crew” brothers (Consisting of James, Paul, Wade, and Carmelo Anthony).

Paul and LeBron are still playing basketball while their two counterparts, Wade and Anthony have retired from the sport. Paul is the only “Banana Boat Crew” member who didn’t play alongside LeBron (Anthony played with him while on the Los Angeles Lakers team).

What Prevented Chris Paul From Joining Miami Heat’s Big Three?

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