Andy Tyler is a versatile musician with roots in Paris, France. The rapper, singer and songwriter is intent on captivating global audiences with his eclectic style. His unique sound borrows urban cultural elements from Western American Hip-hop, African rhythms, Torontonian Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Negropop, Grime, Dancehall, Caribbean music and Pop styles.  

On March 8, 2024, Tyler launched his self-produced debut album with premier single, “When You a Rare Bird,” through the 2024 Andy Tyler label imprint distributed by DistroKid. 

Tyler’s album, Immersed in the Fog, showcases a blend of atmospheric and industrial sounds, complimented by a fusion of computerized synths, basslines and rhythmic drums. Tyler’s lyrical prowess is evident through his humorous, provocative, and articulate rhymes. The seamless transitions and storytelling navigate skillfully from shrewd social commentary to moments of comical braggadocio.  


Tyler is motivated by Southern Hip-Hop’s Cash Money,  Lil Boosie and Three 6 Mafia, with grime/garage UK influences. He depicts a jungle-like environment and draws inspiration from Juvenile’s “Ha”and B.G.’s “Keep It Gangsta” videos; impersonating a bird on the hook – a metaphor for the challenges of being different in an environment lacking individuality.  

The Parisian emcee says of his sound: “I’m deeply connected to my Caribbean roots, drawing a lot of inspiration from my Martinique heritage. Growing up, my father introduced me to “raggamuffin,” a Jamaican music genre closely tied to dancehall and a precursor to rap. This exposure ignited a strong resonance within me, bridging the gap between rap and my cultural identity. It’s this connection that fueled my desire to pursue rap – intertwining my passion for music with my Caribbean Culture.”   

Tyler assumes the role of creative director in meticulously guiding the artistic direction of his songs, videos and label brand. Seamlessly, he blends his expertise in music and photography with his flair for graphic and visual designs, spotlighting his distinct fashion persona in the roles he exemplifies through each character he portrays in his videos. 


A true visionary-creative, Andy Tyler remains actively engaged with a hands-on approach to his artistic vision in every aspect of his work, enriching the tapestry of his brand. 

WYRB is available for download on all streaming platforms.

Press Play for – “When You a Rare Bird.”

Visit the Andy Tyler Linktree for more information.

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