Will Smith Once Thought About Killing His Father After Witnessing him Hit his Mother in the Head

Will Smith, who has sold millions of records and has grossed many millions in his movie career (As well as made millions of dollars) has set a new million mark for his latest creative work. In an Instagram post, the Wild, Wild West actor stated that his memoir, Will, has surpassed a million sales.

“What’s up y’all? Ay, I just finished training. And I just literally, I literally just found out WILL is at one million, one MILLION copies sold. Put it on the screen! One million copies sold! Number-one New York Times bestseller, one million copies sold. All thanks to y’all, all thanks to y’all!”

“We sold a million books y’all! DAMN! One WILLion copies HA! Thanx everyone! #willthebook” the caption reads.


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Last summer, the rapper turned actor announced the book WILL, was on its way. In the memoir, Smith shares his journey from his childhood in Philadelphia to his rise as one of the most remarkable entertainment moguls in the modern era. He’s been a household name since the 1990s, starring on The Fresh Prince of BelAir and making his way on the movie scene in hit films like Bad Boys (1995) and Men in Black (1997).  Over the last three decades, Will Smith has had a thriving movie career with multiple Oscar nominations and Grammy wins. Now, he’s taking the world behind the scenes and sharing the evolution of his life over time.

The memoir was billed as an “inspirational tale of how his true self-knowledge helped to propel him to extraordinary success and then evolve further to a place of deeper peace – with himself, his loved ones, and the world.” The book was released by Penguin Random House in November 2021.

In one passage in the book, the Men In Black actor revealed he once had thoughts about killing his father, Willard C. Smith Sr., because he witnessed him physically attack his mother, Caroline Bright. According to People, the 53-year-old artist admitted that he briefly plotted revenge for what the 76-year-old man did to his mom.

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