Candace Owens Makes Bold Statement After Praising Ye's Album

Candace Owens Makes Bold Statement After Praising Ye’s Album

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West has gotten a cosign from controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens after releasing his latest project, “Vultures 1,” with Ty Dolla $ign. In this time of cancel culture, Owens feels that because he is still doing his thing after being “unofficially” canceled last year, as she wrote on her X account, “Cancel culture has been officially cancelled.”

After finally releasing the album that was originally supposed to come out last year, the fans could hear the album that was released independently. However, just like with anything Ye touches or is involved with, there have been issues with the release. But, that did not stop Trump-loving Owens from congratulating the music producer.

Just before the album dropped, musician Ozzy Osbourne chastised the “Donda” recording artist for sampling a section of one of his live performances for one of the songs from the “Vultures” album that was played at a listening party. The song sampled Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and Osbourne, in all caps, relayed a message on X stating that Ye did not have permission to use the sample for the song due to him being “AN ANTISEMITE.”

But, Osbourne isn’t the only one complaining about Ye using a sample without permission. Billboard reported that the estate of disco queen Donna Summer did not approve of the unauthorized interpolation of her 1977 hit “I Feel Love” that the recording artist used of “Good (Don’t Die).” The media outlet also reported that Spotify took the song off its streaming service on Wednesday, Feb. 14 due to the claim issued by Summer’s estate.

Candace Owens Makes Bold Statement After Praising Ye’s Album

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