Young Dolph's Son Launches 'King of Memphis' Clothing Collection

Young Dolph’s Son Launches His ‘King of Memphis” Clothing Collection



On Friday, August 4th – Young Dolph’s son, Tre, dropped his personally designed ‘King of Memphis’ Clothing Collection. The collection was the vision and direction from Tre himself – and pre-sales sold out Dolph’s birthday weekend. Now, it’s fully reloaded and fans can purchase directly on


Tre proudly pays homage to his family, continuing Dolph’s legacy. The popular unisex t-shirt starts at $50.00. His mother, Mia Jaye, supported her son with these heartwarming words from her instagram.


“When I say I’m so proud of my son I truly mean it… I’m actually proud of both of my children and how they have been growing through their hurt, pain and grief… The journey hasn’t been peaches and cream… and we have actually had some rough times especially with Tre being a young boy losing his hero. But by leaning into our village and connecting Tre with an amazing mentor/coach @empowermma Tre’s journey took a turn for the best.

Being inspired to create artwork to help express his most inner feelings instead of leaning into anger and inappropriate behavior (which would be rightfully justified due to the adversity/hurt he has faced at such a young age), is a major life accomplishment which I am so proud of as his mother and biggest Cheerleader.”

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