Young M.A 'Aye Day Pay Day'

Young M.A ‘Aye Day Pay Day’


Young M.A releases new track ‘Aye Day Pay Day’ alongside NFT Capsule


‘Aye Day Pay Day’ is available to download for free with any one purchase of Young M.A’s NFT Capsule


‘Aye Day Pay Day’ official music video premieres at 4pm EST (April 19)



New York & London, April 19 2022, 4pm EST. NYC-based entertainer, Young M.A, releases new track ‘Aye Day Pay Day’ alongside eco-friendly NFT capsule.


Produced by Amadeus, Buda & Grandz & MadeByMarz the track is available to download for free with any one purchase of Young M.A’s NFT Capsule available now at The video, directed by Marc Diamond, will simultaneously premiere on YouTube.


Watch – Young M.A “Aye Day Pay Day” (Official Music Video)


Teaming up with eco-friendly NFT platform Serenade, Young M.A and 3D Artist / Producer Rusher aka Andrew Gony have created the YOUNG MA GENESIS COLLECTION celebrating the milestones achieved in the Brooklyn MC’s acclaimed career.
Watch – Young M.A and 3D Artist / Producer Rusher talking about the collection
From her Brooklyn Chiraq freestyle to her recent platinum “BIG” single, Young M.A has always been destined for greatness. This capsule is an exclusive representation of the spirit & iconic moments in Young M.A’s life, each limited to 250 editions at the price of $20.




1) Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle
Summer, 2014. Brooklyn is testament to where it all began; Young M.A in her white tank top; flexing on her white Hyundai Sonata.


2) Ooouuu
The 2016 heater cemented Young M.A’s spot in pop culture history, going 4x platinum & hitting #19 on the US Billboard Hot 100.


3) Petty Wap
2018 birthed the PettyWap pool party, introducing the MAB to M.A’s annual summer blow out. The now GOLD single continues to be a fan favorite.


4) Herstory In The Making debut album
Young M.A releases her debut album, ‘Herstory in The Making,’ in 2019. The album has sold over 500,000 units worldwide further confirming her icon status.


5) Hello Baby
Young M.A continues to find relevance in the ever-evolving music landscape with her 2021 smash record, “Hello Baby,” which garnered over 325,000 original TikTok videos.


Bonus content:


With each NFT purchase you receive;
1 x downloadable link for Young M.A’s new track ‘Aye Day Pay Day’
1 x picture from Young M.A’s personal camera roll
1 x smartphone screensaver
Access to exclusive Q&A with Young M.A


Collect all 5 and go into the draw to win 2 guest list tickets to any upcoming Young M.A headline show.


Young M.A said, “This debut NFT collection is a snapshot in time, highlighting and paying homage to some of my most meaningful achievements to this point of my career. It’s my story. My approach with merchandise aligns with my presentation of my artwork and visuals – confident. I enjoy taking on unique merch partnerships, diversifying past a standard T shirt or hoodie. This NFT collection continues down that line, which allows me to express myself for my supporters, who I call THE MAB, to truly be a part of my story. Expression through attire and accessories is vital in showing the world you’re riding with me, digitally and IRL.”


Serenade is an eco-friendly NFT platform producing 1/44,000th of the carbon emitted by a standard NFT (or 1/10th of the energy usage of a tweet,) using a ‘Proof of Stake’ authentication method that is far more efficient than a direct-to-Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ approach, and eliminates expensive ‘gas’ fees, the prohibitive costs that can be a major barrier to entry for anyone wanting to create affordable NFTs.


Purchases are made with a credit or debit card via Serenade innovative check out facility that has been designed to function like a standard e-commerce cart, where the creation of a digital wallet and the transfer of traditional payments into cryptocurrency is handled directly by the platform.


Fans join a community of like-minded music lovers, be confident they are not harming the environment, access affordable digital collectibles, and do all of this without knowing the first thing about NFT technology.


Max Shand, Founder and CEO of Serenade said, “Young M.A is an amazing artist, and we were thrilled that her publisher Reservoir connected us. Serenade is proud to play its part in breathing life into this amazing project. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a rare piece of Young M.A’s first ever digital collection. This exciting new NFT capsule comprised of five incredible drops is providing her fans with a unique way of expressing their love and affiliation while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the fun and excitement of collecting exclusive items. Young M.A is an amazing artist, and Serenade is proud to part of this amazing debut collection.”


Young MA said, “Serenade ticks multiple boxes. It’s easy to use for my supporters, artist friendly in regard to payments and eco-friendly. There’s no need for any crypto knowledge either, you can buy with your credit or debit card, in a few easy steps! I can’t wait to build the collection and grow it in the future. We captured some of the most lit moments in my career then brought them to life. It was a true collaboration that represents perfectly what these moments felt like and how important they were in my career. It was important for them to evoke the same feelings and take fans back to the moment they first discovered me. This is just the beginning. Get in quick and follow the journey!”

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