Young Marco- Prom

Young Marco- Prom

“The Crucial Fix directed “PROM” video is the official second single from Young Marco’s anticipated debut video EP, “4 Our Generation“, available on iTunes and all other digital retailers this Friday, April 22nd.


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This past Monday, YOUNG MARCO made a special guest appearance on the VH-1 hit TV show, “Black Ink Crew” as he stopped by the shop, hung out witih the crew and got a JAG tattoo from Ceaser Emanuel. YOUNG MARCO is available for interviews now. Please let me know what day and time would work best for you and we will further arrange.  Young Marco is currently promoting his new single, “PROM” and his on an Atlanta High School PROM TOUR performing at all the prom celebrations in the city of Atlanta between now and the end of May.


PROMwas inspired by my high school prom experience. Being home-schooled through high school made it very awkward when I had to hang around my peers and observe their actions,” says Young Marco. “While making this record with my guitar the day after prom I tried to make the night as vivid as possible through the song and it actually turned out great. I just want this song to be the prom anthem in all schools when they attend this special event, I want it to give them the same energy it gives me,” he adds.





In the fall of 2015, YOUNG MARCO hit the road in support of his critically-acclaimed domestic violence inspired single, “Gone Long Gone” and performed the song at various shelters for tons of domestic violence victims.  In the coming weeks he will pick-up where he left off and will embark on the “4 Our Generation” promotional tour and it will include stops in Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Detroit.  Not long ago, YOUNG MARCO made a special guest appearance on the VH-1 hit TV show, “Black Ink Crew” as he stopped by the infamous shop and received a tattoo from artist, Ceaser Emanuel.



Young Marco is a performer, singer, musician, and songwriter that oozes passion with every sound that he delivers. At the age of nineteen, one would suggest Young Marco does not have enough life experiences to create such passion filled, relatable music, but through his musical genius he paints a very vivid visual of the minds of a young boy in comparison of a full life. It suggests that we should listen to our youth more because they have something to say!

Several individuals influence Young Marco’s many styles and his simple love of life lessons combined. He finds inspiration ranging from Frank Ocean to Drake, Michael Jackson and The Passengers to Ed Sheeran, who Young Marco respects for his diverse career. These artists have influenced Young Marco into creating his own unique style, which was recognized at a tender age. Quickly noticing his lyrical genius, Young Marco set out to push to new heights and make his dream a reality.






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