Charles Herron 'Something Like This'

Charles Herron ‘Something Like This’

Charles Herron &  SinceEighty6 Records

Herron’s Melody



Charles Herron, Bronx bred and now Charlotte’s own drops his 1st official video from the “Herron’s Melody LP” available  on SinceEighty6 Records and distributed by Empire.

The track “Something Like This” is an instant download when you pre-order the full length today on itunes.

The Debut LP “Herron’s Melody” dropped July 7th on all digital outlets and is available now


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Charles Herron’s Story:


For years, Charles Herron has been part of a group or a featured guest chasing the dream of sharing his bars and performing for a living. In 2017, Charles delivers his first official solo album.  Born April 24, 1979 Charles is the oldest of 7 siblings. The product of a military father who like many at the time left old families for new ones, Charles‘ mother Melody raised 3 kids alone in the Bronx.  Like most latchkey kids “the street and the block taught the kid how to box”. They also taught Charles Herron how to be “Chucky Ratchet” the gun totin stick up kid who inherited the way of life from his adopted uncles in the Academy Gardens and Bronx River Housing Projects.


Despite the odds and as most New Yorkers do, the best rap artists have always appealed to and come from the street aesthetic. They embrace the macho posturing rap music had been constructed upon. They add their own colorful language and bravado, their own way of saying words in rhythm and add their own flavor to create a unique sound. The Moorish-American MC has done just that and is ready to break into the scene on a national level.


Now older and wiser his life stories and current struggles are clearly displayed through his lyrics. His upcoming full length debut  “Herron’s Melody” is a personal and insightful look into Charles Herron the man who wrote this album after the loss of his mother Melody. The music embodies the soul of NY hip-hop music that we all love and the realism of life for this Bronx born MC who now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charles Herron spits emotional bars over the soulful production and instrumentation of Anthony “FEVER” Johnson and The Mighty D.R. (Gone, Let’s Roll, My Resume) and gives you a first person look into his life from a young boy experiencing his first sexual encounters on “Shame” to his life behind the barrel of a gun and back to his redemption as a father. The album features cameos by Camp Lo’s Sonny Cheeba and upcoming artist Dee Richards.



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