Drake Reacts To 20-Cent Tip During Livestream

Canadian superstar, Aubrey “Drake” Graham went on a livestream on Sunday, Dec. 17, and was given an unheard tip that he graciously accepted.

According to Uproxx, Drake was on the kick.com platform for a promoted $100k sub giveaway that was supposed to have taken place during and after Drake was on the live stream.

At some point during the live event, as Drake is speaking, he seemingly notices a donation sent via online. In the video clip, which was posted by XXL, Drake says, “F**k Drake for the night.” He then pauses to take a sip of a beverage and he comes back and says, “That’s what she said,” and then he smiles and says, “but no, honestly, forget about me, um, thank you for the 20-cent tip, [illegible name], appreciate that. That’ll go to a good cause.”

In the same session of that live stream, the OVO artist used the time to throw shade at presumably, another recording artist.

“And to the rest of you, the non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet-and-deleters, you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam. Honestly, he says while looking into the camera. “Look in my eyes. You guys wanna do something?

“That’s what I thought.”

Complex has reported that fans feel that Drake was sneak dissing producer Metro Boomin who recently took to social media to complain about his project, “Heroes & Villains” not getting as many Grammy nominations as Drake’s “Her Loss” album.

In a since-deleted post, Metro wrote, “Yet Her Loss still keeps winning rap album of the year over H&V. proof that award shows are just politics and not for me. Idc about awards honestly, the true award and reward is knowing that the music I spend so much time on brings joy to people’s everyday lives.”

Of course, that’s speculation as Drake was indirect with his words.

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