Jeremiah Hosea x Narco-Bourgeois Release ‘Love is the Highest Truth


Jeremiah Hosea releases “Love is the Highest Truth” with band, Narco-Bourgeois.

Hosea’s music career began in the late ‘90s in NYC.  At 16, he had a band called “Sacred Circus” with a local following and cool, original songs. The lead singer, Olu, left to pursue a solo R&B record deal, which Hosea would later leave school to join at 19.

In 2000, Hosea found the mothership band, “Earthdriver.” He was discovered by guitar legend, James “Blood” Ulmer, who gave him his formative experience playing the blues and touring Europe.

“My musical influences are vast,” Hosea says. “But, it was when I was 15 that I discovered Jimi Hendrix and knew from that day that I needed to be a musician. I quickly went on to discover James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, P-Funk and what turned into a seemingly endless list of artists of every genre. Some of my very favorite bassists in the world are my mentors and teachers: Richard Bona, Doug Wimbish and Bill Laswell.”

Hosea’s latest song, “Love is the Highest Truth” is a song about appreciating life. “It’s also about appreciating friendship and family relationships – and forgiveness,” he adds. “It’s about the universality of love, and the idea that love is beyond words.”

Aside from dabbling in guitar and keyboard in the studio, Hosea’s primary instrument is the electric bass. As a bassist and vocalist, he has toured with over a dozen bands and played on Grammy-nominated album, This Much is True by Maiysha Kai.  He also produced and played bass on Emmy-nominated recording, “The Echo Effect,” by Sharrif Simmons.

Hosea believes that performing both live and in-studio are two different types of magic, but if he had to pick one, it would definitely be live: “Live is where you connect with the people, and that’s the highest high,” he says.

It isn’t easy for Hosea to classify his music: “Sometimes I say soul music. Sometimes I say modern music. Sometimes I say ‘genre – unclassifiable.’”

In the future, listeners can expect new music from Narco-Bourgeois, featuring an array of brilliant players. He and co-producer, Rohan Soloman, are on a roll and don’t intend to stop.

Check out “Love is the Highest Truth” and other singles at 

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