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Prince Hakim – R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. ft. Walt Anderson

DJ Prince Hakim
 New Single, R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y
 As the scion of a musical empire, DJ Prince Hakim (Bell) brings proof of generational genius. As the son of Robert “Kool” Bell, founder of the legendary Kool & The Gang; such musical pedigree influenced his earliest interest in the industry.
Now, with years of professional music experience under his belt, in August of 2018, he launched his new collaboration with R&B/pop singer Walt Anderson entitled, R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y.
After executive producing Kool & The Gang’s first Top 10 single in 10 years, “Sexy”, DJ Prince Hakim felt it was time to return to the studio to produce his own project.
Even hailing from, and groomed musically by, industry legends; DJ Prince Hakim’s own unique gift for production, writing, and performing is winning over new audiences of fans with each live appearance.
Catching the DJ bug at an early age, young Prince Hakim would practice making beats and spinning records with his brother and cousins. As a kid, he would spend summers with music mogul Jermaine Dupri, who DJ’d in his garage, selling tickets for a dollar a pop. Sky rocketing his career with producing and developing talent, his resume contains a long list of accomplishments.
Today, Prince Hakim has traveled from New York to Tokyo sharing his musical message whose theme is to “Celebrate Life.” Having spent the past year bringing his acclaimed DJ skills to arenas such as Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2015-2016, Tory Sports Flatiron opening and some of the hottest clubs in New York such as B.B. Kings, La Esquina and The Surf Lodge.
He has also DJ’d for The Clinton Foundation and The Carnegie Hall Notables at Carnegie Hall. Having toured with “Kool & The Gang” as a featured rapper/hype man, he has created a substantial following and solidly established his brand.
Having grown up with a front-row seat watching some of the best performances around the world, this informal tutelage not only lent an edge in the business side of the game, but also informed his musical tastes, which range from Hip-Hop to Disco and everything in between. As a producer and a DJ, he always sets out to create a vibe that captures the essence of life which is why his music offers one of the best ways to CELEBRATE it.
In just his fourth year in the world of spin, DJ Prince Hakim has already amassed an impressive resume, lending his talents to events for Tory Burch and others as he increases his fan bases awareness of his ever-evolving skills.
Prince Hakim Ft. Walt Anderson w/ Kool & The Gang
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